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  Albs from traditional albs to contemporary white albs are among the selection offered by Almy albs

White albs from CM Almy


A brief history

Like many garments worn by Christian clerics, white albs originated in Roman times as an element of ordinary dress. Over the years, and particularly after the fall of the Roman Empire when the papal officials and ceremonies assumed some of the forms and trappings of the defunct Roman imperial court, the alb evolved from an everyday garment worn by all citizens into a clergy alb worn by clerics and their assistants at Mass. A symbol of purity, the word alb comes from the Latin word alba which means "white".

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Through medieval times, albs were made of linen and were worn over the cassock and held tight about the waist with a white rope belt called a girdle or cincture. It became popular to adorn white albs with elaborate decoration. In recent times, albs have been simplified. The most effective and popular styles of white albs today can be worn over street clothes, are lightweight yet roomy and comfortable, and are still usually held closed with a cincture, and are made of white synthetics or blends.

The single most popular style alb worn by all denominations in the USA today is the Cassock-Alb, which was introduced by Almy in the years after Vatican Council II. Unlike more traditional style albs that are pulled on over the head, the Cassock-Alb can be put on like a double-breasted cassock. It has pleats that fall from the shoulders, both front and back, that give it a traditional tunic-like appearance. The cassock-alb is also worn by acolytes, servers, lay readers and by lay Eucharistic ministers.

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Almy makes four distinct styles of albs: Cassock-Albs, Contemporary Albs, Chancel Albs and Traditional Albs. The Cassock-Alb and the Contemporary Alb, as the two most popular of these basic styles, have been further developed into several sub-styles and are offered in a choice of fabrics.

The Original Almy Cassock-Alb

Introduced to America by Almy, Cassock-Albs have become a standard for wear by celebrants, deacons, servers, and readers from many liturgical traditions. Its grace and beauty, drawn from the ancient Roman tunic, dignify every one. Almy Cassock-Albs feature overlapping front and full-balanced pleats that fall from the shoulders, front and back. The white albs are securely closed by snaps, and are finished with a deep pocket and a convenient concealed side opening.

Almy's Standard Cassock-Albs are stocked in four fine materials, in a wide range of sizes.

  • Cotton Oxford cloth-weave is 60% cotton, 40% polyester, and a fine warm weather choice. Machine washable.
  • Dupreme is our finest, most popular alb fabric. A silky 100% polyester that's crisp, light and very wrinkle free. Machine washable, pure white albs.
  • Tropana is a balanced blend of polyester and rayon that is cool, drapes nicely and launders with ease. White.
  • Flax is a special weave of polyester, rayon and unbleached linen that blends into an attractive, natural "homespun" fabric. Cool, opaque and completely washable.

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The Contemporary Alb

Drawn from the monastic tradition, these are albs of exceptional beauty and grace. Tailored with great fullness in the body and sleeves, these albs may be worn under a chasuble or as an outer garment with a stole at less formal Eucharist celebrations. Contemporary Albs are made in crisp, pure white, easy-care polyester. The Standard model is a dignified, unadorned design, and our festive Florentine style is distinguished by lace insets at sleeve and bottom hems. For both, a concealed zipper at the neck allows convenient "over-the-head" vesting. Our Rolled Collar Contemporary Alb style does not require zippers or other fasteners. The standing collar allows easy vesting, comfort and attractive appearances when worn with a chasuble or alone.

All Contemporary Albs are machine washable and made in our own Maine workrooms.

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Clergy alb, Almy has supplied white albs and traditional albs since 1892


Alb Accessories

  • The Amice
    A large rectangle (30" x 18") of white poly-cotton, with twill tape strings to tie it about the body, the amice is worn under a clergy alb to hide underclothing and to protect the chasuble. Almy makes two styles, plain and collared, for wear with Traditional Albs.

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  • Rope Cinctures
    Used to close a clergy alb, rope cinctures are all cotton, 1/2"; in diameter, with knotted ends. They come in white, red, green, purple, blue, wine, gold, brown and black. Available in 12-foot or 15-foot lengths.

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CM Almy is the most trusted name in the industry for traditional white albs. Contact us today for prices and availability or click here to access our online store.

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